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Own-Working Musings

Updated: Jan 11, 2021

So how are things for you right now?

Good, except when they're not? Or is that just me?

As someone who normally relishes home-alone working, I was expecting this lockdown to be a bit of a breeze, work-wise. I spend a lot of time by myself anyway, writing. I gig around from room to room, kitchen then living room and back again, looking out of the window pretending to work before eventually getting on with it.

This strange vacuum we're in was going to gift me legitimate, focused time for research, something I enjoy but usually feels a bit of an indulgence. I'm living with someone vulnerable, not going out unless necessary, so I'm most definitely in for the duration. This was my opportunity to get stuck into my Evernote quagmire of cuttings and references then, not mention piles of earmarked hardcopy. Perhaps even make start on that new book...

And yet I can't get my head down. Distraction comes from everywhere.

What was I saying? Hah. And I'm not alone it seems. There is an elusive though ever-present interference ruffling the nation at the moment. It's disruptive and not in a good way when you're trying to work.

Is it because we can't yet settle? Because all of us are still fumbling for a new definition of normality: new routines, new boundaries, any kind of comfortable repetition to ease us through the days.

It will come if it hasn't already. Humankind is very adaptable and we can get used to most things even if we don't much care for them. Look at kombucha (or is that just me again?).

Meditation can help. Certainly, it helps me. I find it calming and the effects cumulative.

While I might get as distracted as the next person, using TM I can also quickly get myself back on track.

So here I am, own-working again after a micro fret about not being able to get on with own-working. It’s my new norm.

Jane Anderson PhD specialises in Sociospacial Reciprocity and Place Therapy. She's been working in wellbeing for nigh on 30 years and is especially interested in the people-place relationship and how it underpins all other aspects of staff engagement and wellbeing. Her Staff Wellbeing Framework Model is now charter-marked for quality assurance.

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