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Space to breathe. Time to think.

Involving, inspiring and enduring. Jane’s work on school culture and environment always leaves you wanting to make fast, easy change in school as soon as you get back - and it still has an impact months later too.

Louise Easton, Headteacher. 

We understand schools at JCA Consult because that’s where we’re from. All of us are from education and training development backgrounds and have led or been involved with schools at all levels of achievement. We understand pressure and know what stress feels like. We also know the relief that comes from working with people who really 'get' schools and can help. Which is what we do, offer insight, understanding, and support – both moral and well tested, practical help.

Typically people comment on the space and clarity that come from this work, the usefulness of being able to talk strategically about staff wellbeing needs. This is the result of our inclusive approach which enables us to take time with you to identify your school's current position, where you want to be, and how you are going to get there.

How teachers feel on an everyday basis is likely to affect their performance and so, in turn, the performance of the pupils they teach. Briner, 2007.

Our methodology is founded upon identifying and refining school core values, purpose, and behaviour – the ethical infrastructure of your school - working with your staff so that any subsequent operational change becomes understood and accepted rather than a resented externally imposed obligation, as these things often are.

The key to our success in your school is your involvement in our work. Together, we tailor the School Wide Wellbeing programme to reach and engage your entire staff, separate groups or individuals. In doing so, we identify and meet your school's specific wellbeing needs - and Ofsted inspection criteria for staff safeguarding.

The session was tightly-focussed and completely bespoke to our needs; thought-provoking but non-threatening. You immediately put us at our ease. Staff said they felt invigorated, calmed and valued.

Caroline Hodgson, Headteacher.

Please contact us for a chat. We're experienced, we're respected and we've been where you are. We can help.

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