Right now, workplaces are struggling with staff absence, retention and effectiveness as a result of stress. I help employers to address these issues.  Together we institute an inclusive organisational infrastructure that enables workforce ownership and leads to positive, organic culture shift.

My expertise lies in sustainable workplace wellbeing. I help people to create workplaces that they want to work in; places they look forward to coming to don’t want to leave.

I have over thirty years’ experience in people development, training and education. I'm a Local Authority consultant, experienced manager, teacher, trainer, coach and mentor, and an established CDP provider.  I am always researching and continue to support the personal-professional development and wellbeing needs of all kinds of people in all kinds of places. 

My work is based on fifteen years of practice in staff wellbeing and my doctoral research into Place Affected Organisational Change (PAOC), a new processual approach to organisational culture shift utilising Place and design as a mechanism to respectfully and ecologically stimulate stakeholder involvement in workplace values and personal-professional wellbeing. Arising from the collective trust and individual ownership which emerge from this process is a potential for clearer staff voice and more effective organic participation and collaboration in the co-design and implementation of other organisational systems, processes and structures.

This work is informed by my theory of Sociospacial Reciprocity (the continual interaction and mutuality between people and their embodied spaces) and Place Therapy method, a means of mitigating or enhancing lived-in spaces including, importantly (because we spend so much time there), our work places.

I will often undertake an initial workplace audit with people to investigate how their organisational values are impacting them through their buildings and interiors - for better or worse!