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Why We Do What We Do

We been involved in staff wellbeing for over thirty years. As a team, we have almost every type of experience in people development, education and training.

Our Values

Be kind

Be brave

Be happy

Our Uniqueness 

JCA Consult is different in many ways. While we recognise that today's world is largely governed by compliance, outcomes and mastery (haven't we always been aiming at that?) we feel this emphasis on measurement needs to be mitigated.  Of course standards need to be robust and targets have their place, but we'd like to see a return to old-fashioned professionalism and everything implicit within that including conscientiousness, ownership, even creativity - the things that emerge when people are simply trusted to get on with their job. 

Our Innovation

JCA's founder and director, Jane Anderson, is a PhD in Place Affected Organisational Change (PAOC) with a specialist interest in Sociospacial Reciprocity theory, the way in which humankind and Place influence and ever impact each other. We use PAOC to create a high-trust culture through the medium of workspace and values. This method is respectful and inclusive and engages staff from the outset.

Our Approach

We believe it needs a reasonable, achievable, and believable combination of longterm strategic planning and practical quick-win operational measures to create sustainable organisational wellbeing.

Using our own POAC framework we work with you and your people to revisit the very infrastructure of your organisation to test core values and tailor behaviour assumptions. The effect is immediate: people feel 'heard',  relevant, and more open to growth.  The resulting cultural shift is authentic and unique to your organisation giving everyone a genuine reason to be there.   

It's important that people know why they are coming to work, that they know they are valued and understand why they are valued, what they contribute. Otherwise, this part of their life can become meaningless. And it's a big part.

Jane Anderson PhD

Please call us on 07742 942 651 if you'd like to know more.

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