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A Proven Approach to Improving Everyone's Wellbeing in School

Safeguarding staff wellbeing should and can be everyone's role in . Our Staff Wellbeing Team model been successfully implemented in numerous schools over a period of years and is the subject of current educational research. 

This event respectfully and inclusively raises the issue of staff in their own health and wellbeing as an integral aspect of any staff wellbeing approach. It also points out that while the headteacher might lead the school staff as a team, s/he is also a part of that team and their wellbeing is as important as anyone else's.

Enabling or releasing the staff to take greater community ownership of their wellbeing, by way of creation of a Staff Wellbeing Team brings immediate quick wins as well as longterm culture change. 

This was a rare opportunity to reflect in a neutral and welcoming environment.

Leeann Parkin, Teacher.

Very beneficial. I feel I have been given the chance to stick my head out of the tent and have a close look at what's around me and consider the possibilities on my horizon.

Jill Mitchel, Lecturer.

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Raising Self-Esteem and Investigating Conduct: Training for Teaching Assistants

This two-part training develops the professionalism of your TAs, that is, it enables them to understand how their behaviour should align with, and model at all times, the core values, purpose and behaviour standards of the school. It involves TA's considering the effect they have on pupils, teachers and the wider community and presents them with an opportunity for recognising, refining and venerating their contribution to the school as a whole. 

Jane’s work recognises teaching assistants as a valuable resource in their own right and engages them in focused dialogue, which builds positive relationships and a commitment to a shared code of professional conduct.  This gives teaching assistants a team voice and strengthens the school to the benefit of the whole.

Christine McKeown, Headteacher.

This training is stand-alone or can be part of the School Wide Wellbeing programme of school culture change.

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Clear, Clean and Recreate Your School - 'A really productive day's INSET!'

Based on the book The DeCluttered School by our director Dr Jane Anderson, this thoughtful, practical training day not only gives people an opportunity to clear their classrooms, it helps them to clear their thinking too as any good clutter clear will do. It also has the added bonus of a creating a camaraderie that lasts well after the day is over.

School culture, ethos and environment affects wellbeing and attainment. The physical and social environment in which staff and pupils spend a high proportion of every weekday may have profound effects on their physical, emotional and mental health as well as affecting their attainment. Public Health England, 2014.

Using our Place Affecting Organisational Change (PAOC) approach we look at how everyone in the school is affected every day by the school environment ecosystem. The morning is spent in understanding the effects of the 3rd Teacher (Malaguzzi, 1920-1994) and how to become more involved in how our settings influence and affect us. The methodology is inclusive, participative and appreciative. The afternoon is made over to an enthusiastic guided clutter clear.

It struck me how important it is to get the environment right to promote joyfulness in the school!

Louise Noble, Teacher.

Comprehensive and extremely enjoyable look at how the things around you affect your mind.

Beverly Smith, Teacher.

This training is stand-alone or can be part of the School Wide Wellbeing programme of school culture change.

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Personal-Professional Development for the Whole School Staff

Supporting the safeguarding of staff wellbeing is what we are best known for and where - with your help - we are always effective.

Creating and Implementing a  School Wide Wellbeing Strategy is a School Wide Wellbeing programme of embedded cultural change involving all staff in the immediate and ongoing development of their own workplace wellbeing is our remit.

It includes whole staff training, directed work with specific groups and possible one-on-one coaching of individuals; a focus on distributed leadership and accountability, values, and beliefs, school greater purpose and contribution to the community. This work is about your people involving themselves in their school to create a workplace environment that is genuinely meaningful to them and upholds the school's (collectively identified) raison d'etre. 

Super-skillful at putting you at ease and allowing you to be yourself. It was exactly what I wanted, thanks again.

Louise Easton, Headteacher.

As a result of this training, I’m going to take some time to slow down my one track sleep-work-home-sleep mind and think about what really makes me happy.

Ellie Sewell, Teacher.

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