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Nurse And Patient


Space to breathe. Time to think.

In your organisation who looks after the people who look after the people?

Right now, probably you do. We might. And they do. We can help you to reorganise that responsibility so it's healthier for everyone. 

Of course as an employer of staff you have a statutory obligation and a duty of care to ensure the safeguarding of your staff's wellbeing. But it is also incumbent upon - and healthy for - employees to realise that this onus must be jointly assumed. Having said that, people can only attempt to own their wellbeing if they have to tools to do so. But personal wellbeing is not something that can be imposed from without; there has to be some individual volition in the process. External factors can contribute to 'illbeing' however and this is where environment, both physical and cultural, can make a difference.

Our Place Affected Organisational Change (PAOC) process approaches staff wellbeing from two directions united by a common denominator, the workplace. The environment and the ecosystems, the infrastructure that you, your staff and your clients interact with every day, are normally overlooked in most change interventions. It's the starting point for our work, however, and a barometer of your organisational wellbeing thereafter.

We begin with and continually reference Place, both as a contributor to staff engagement and as a means of supporting customer satisfaction. We show how you, as an organisation and employer, can affect a difference to your people's wellbeing through their embodied spaces. After all, your staff is your first customer, worth investing in. When they're happy, they keep your clients happy. Together, we use your environment to investigate what that 'happy' means to your staff and how it can be developed and integrated into strategy and policy. 

POAC is a complex, values-based one. Typically people comment on how this work enables people time to think calmly and succinctly about their perceived wellbeing needs. What emerges from it is a clear, fair and consistent message to staff about organisational wellbeing, both about what the organisation will do for staff and crucially, what the organisation expects of them. Staff becomes better equipped to take improved ownership of their wellbeing and personal-professional development within a wider context of cultural reform.

The key to our success in your organisation is your involvement in our work with you. Together, we tailor our methods to reach and engage your entire staff, separate groups or individuals. In doing so we meet your organisation's specific wellbeing needs.

Jane believes in strategic wellbeing as a performance enabler for everyone, large and small. Her work changes people for the better. 

Dr Petia Sice, Reader in Complexity and Organisation.

Contact us for a chat on 07742 942 651. We'll be pleased to hear about what's important to you.

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