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Working Together


Space to breathe. Time to think.

Who looks after the people who look after the people in your organisation?

Right now, probably you do. We might. Often, staff look on and wait for things to happen. We can help you to reorganise that responsibility so it's healthier for everyone. 

Of course as an employer of staff you have a statutory obligation and a duty of care to ensure the safeguarding of your staff's wellbeing. But it is also incumbent upon - and healthy for - employees to realise that this onus must be jointly assumed, that they need to take some ownership.

Personal wellbeing is not something that can imposed from without; there has to be some individual volition in the process. Having said that, external factors can contribute to 'illbeing' and employees can only attempt to own their wellbeing if they have to tools to do so. 

The Staff Wellbeing Framework Model

The evidence-led Staff Wellbeing Framework Model liberates staff across the organisation to take ownership of their own on-going wellbeing needs. Working with leadership, they assess and identify gaps in wellbeing provision and develop, implement and evaluate concepts and solutions that they identify as being right for them.

This high-trust approach, trackably evidenced in the accompanying Staff Wellbeing Handbook, increases staff engagement organically and leads to a gradual shift in workplace culture. 

How the Staff Wellbeing Framework Model could help your organisation:

  • meets criteria for consistent staff engagement, safeguarding and duty of care

  • fast, easy and reasonable to implement

  • incorporates all your past, current and future staff wellbeing initiatives into a single structured framework

  • step-by-step templates using our unique Staff Wellbeing Framework Handbook

  • builds on over 15 years' of evidenced research

  • develops workplace trust based on your organisational values

  • reaches, represents and involves your entire staff

  • evidences growth of individual CPD in ownership, distributed leadership and reflective practice

  • scalable and tailorable to your organisation

  • creates a coordinated staff voice for staff wellbeing

  • charter marked for sustainable quality

  • begins a wellbeing culture shift

Make an immediate, effective and sustainable difference to staff engagement in your organisation.

Funding for Business Support

Up to 40% funding towards the cost of implementing the Staff Wellbeing Framework Model and/or other JCA Consult services focusing on staff wellbeing and engagement, and retention (including coaching and mentoring) may be available to eligible organisations as JCA Consult is a registered Provider for NBSL’s North East Business Support Fund helping businesses to improve their competitiveness.

For further information and to complete the 15 minute application form:


Northumberland and Tyne and Wear:

The key to our success in your organisation is your involvement in our work with you. Together, we tailor our values-based methods to reach and engage your entire staff, separate groups or individuals. In doing so we meet your organisation's specific wellbeing needs.

Your staff is your first customer, worth investing in. When they're happy, they keep your clients happy.

Jane always brings something new and constructive to the table. Add that to that her quiet, dignified manner and deft delivery and you have an inspirational professional you can rely on to deliver the goods.

Lynn Proud, Director of Sales.

Jane is remarkably perceptive and personable. She understands what is needed and considers unique solutions to business problems, rather than out of the box tricks.

Karen Geary, Chief HR Officer.

Our work with Jane has led to increased individual commitment and sense of Team, critical in becoming more commercially competitive. We are already winning more business.
David Leonard, MD.

Click here for a Staff Wellbeing Framework flyer.

Contact us for a chat on 07742 942 651. We'll be pleased to hear about what's important to you.

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