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Tailored Intervention for New and Established Headteachers and Senior Leaders in School

Bespoke Leadership Support: Services


This service is specifically designed to meet the needs of several leadership groups: newly appointed or new to school headteachers, mid-career heads and leadership teams, all of whom will benefit from individually tailored support. Together we identify skill gaps and work to develop you into a more confident, well-rounded school leader. Our support can also help to enhance your leadership repertoire in areas where you already excel and would like to be even better.

The duration of this relationship will be determined by you. It can be a long-term commitment undertaken as a professional musician or sportsperson might do.  Or it can constitute it can a brief intervention to help you find a solution to a single issue or professionally develop yourself in a particular area.

Whatever your specific need, our support is constantly nuanced and adjusted to meet it. It has to be to be effective. 

As a result of our work together I have been able to do lots of different small things to make our team stronger.  I include the following OFSTED quote from December 2017 which indicates how successful it was, 'Relationships between adults and children are strong and these are reinforced by a warm and welcoming environment.'

Clare Swanepoel, Mastery Specialist Teacher.

Contact us for a chat on 07742 942 651. We'll be pleased to talk to you.

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