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Make an immediate, effective and sustainable difference to staff engagement in your organisation.

How our Staff Wellbeing Framework Model could help your organisation:

  • meets Ofsted and CCC criteria for consistent staff engagement, safeguarding and duty of care

  • fast, easy and reasonable to implement

  • incorporates all your past, current and future staff wellbeing initiatives into a single structured framework

  • step-by-step support using our unique Staff Wellbeing Handbook

  • builds on over 15 years' of evidenced research

  • tailors to your organisation's unique needs

  • develops workplace trust based on your organisational values

  • reaches, represents and involves your entire staff

  • evidences growth of individual CPD in ownership, distributed leadership and reflective practice

  • helps people step off the sleep-work-sleep fatigue loop

  • creates a coordinated staff voice for staff wellbeing

  • begins a wellbeing culture shift

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Staff Wellbeing - help where you need it most

Jane believes in strategic wellbeing as a performance enabler for everyone, large and small. Her work changes people for the better. 

Dr Petia Sice, Reader in Complexity and Organisation.

Overwhelmed, overtired and over-targeted? If you're reading this and nodding you're not alone. 

Perhaps you're looking for someone to help you sort this out, someone who 'gets it', quickly and effectively. Someone who understands that stressed staff leads to stressed leaders, which leads to stressed staff and so on.

We can help. Using Place Affected Organisational Change (PAOC) methodology we invite people to become involved and engaged in their own change through the strategic investigation and recreation of their organisation's values and purpose, embodied spaces and behaviour expectations. 

In short, we have developed a unique intervention tool The Staff Wellbeing Handbook, an evidenced, no nonsense guide to implementing consistantly engaging staff wellbeing in schools where wellbeing matters now and going forward.

It's a means of helping people to take ownership of their own personal-professional wellbeing development within the wider context of organisational cultural reform. Our work is tailored to reach and engage your entire staff, separate groups or individuals - and in the case of schools and health services, to meet Ofsted and CCC criteria for staff safeguarding too.

Please contact us for a chat. We're experienced, we're respected, we've been where you are and we can help.

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